Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Passing through.

No progress this week. Yup, a huge solid massive zero. My initial plan was to continue with the Arenxis Minoris campaign summary, with the target of at least 50%, turns out it remained static at 10%. Zero progress on the painting and modelling aspect; (1) my current RG Dreadnoughts project remained as what they are now, (2) "Venom", the Alpha Legion defiler that I'm so proud of, still have solid Regal Blue limbs, (3) the rest of my Glade Guards aren't even primed yet, and (4) my Alpha Legion Armoured Regiment remained at their '3-colour with painting effort' status'.

Real life reared its ugly head again. Have been really busy this week, and right now I should be spending this little time I have to sleep instead of blogging. But, I think I'm almost addicted to blog; feels weird not to write anything in a week. Looking at the hobbies I have (miniatures, gaming, photography), perhaps this is some sort of creative urge? Hahaha :D

Speaking of which, I plan to post a blog regarding the '3-colour requirement with painting effort' that my gaming club has been talking about, by this weekend. Hopefully it would give my fellow hobbyist a better visual aid on what that phrase actually means. I will get this plan materialized, and I promise you there will be pictures, so tune in to this humble blog of mine by Sunday.

That's all for now. After all, I'm just passing through.


Do you guys ever look back at your life, wondering how your life would have been if you took the other option during that fate-determining decision? I do. The turning point of my life was way back in early Form 5, on one seemingly small-looking decision at that time. It was the decision whether to take the Arts subject for SPM, or not. I chose the latter, and this is how my life has become. It has all been from that simple choice.

At some points, there has been some regrets and perhaps, some of those regret may still remain. But I chose to just look at things positively, and enjoy the things that I have right now. Maybe if I took the other option, I may never even have the time for my hobby and met the great guys I've met with along the way.

Although in the end it goes down to two words: "What if?," it's now actually up to us to make our life better. No one would do it for you.

Just my two cents.


  1. Interesting perspective. I feel I make crossroads decisions almost on a daily basis, though I totally understand what you mean - life changing decisions. I've been thru many. And one thing I'm absolutely certain about is that I don't have real regrets for not taking the other path, each time. I am who I am now, and where I am now, with the family and friends and environment I have now, as a result of all those decisions. And I'm absolutely happy with it. Can't second-guess fate.

  2. Good point there bro!

    As I was trying to say, what we are right now are actually the results of decisions we made in the past. Like it or not, we have to live with it. Even if it's bad, there must be a positive thing about it and there will always be a way to make it better. Don't get stuck in the past, we still have the present and the future to deal with. Nothing in this world is perfect, it's all about effort and mentality.
    That's all I can say, I'm not that good on giving any kind of advice or motivation but I hope the message got through to the ones that need this :)