Sunday, December 6, 2009

Legio Hobby Night 04/12/09 - The Arenxis Minoris Campaign Finale!

Suffice to say, it was a very successful campaign.
The Forces of Disorder won, but Forces of Order were given another chance to save their dignity in an Apocalypse campaign game. Might I say, another Imperium propaganda?


Dunnkyrc was the only region left in Arenxis Minoris, and this is the place where the Forces of Order were making their last stand while waiting for rescue. The Cadian 7th, the Ravenwing, and the Inquisition were very busy setting up defences, while keeping out the former Ultramarines 5th company and the Saim-Hann Craftworld out of the picture, as they were tied with controversies involving the Alpha Legion during the war. The treacherous Craftworld Aulthavon however, were still nowhere to be seen.

A very disturbing satellite image however, caused the Imperium to re-consider the allegiance of the former Ultramarines and the only xenos ally they have at the moment. This was the image they saw, a bit blurry, but by looking at it we probably know why.

The Alpha Legion were marching straight to Dunnkyrc, along with its armoured regiment. Something was definitely wrong, as this was never their modus operandi. Later reports did mention that Lord Eulikules of the Unclean were among them, but as all of the few lucky survivors witnessed, Lucius was leading the Conclave's charge. Apparently, an unlucky Legionnaire has probably met the Eternal One in the past and killed him. Big mistake then, major advantage now.

Soon they arrived, and out of nowhere, the bulk force of the Unclean joined them. Later, flock of Daemon Princes of Khorne and Nurgle (??) caused a rift in the temporal space and appeared in the midst of their forces. There were two out of the six armies of the Force of Disorder arriving into battle. The two xenos; the Eldar's Kabal of the Disembowlers, and the Ork's Da Mad Mobz, made it publicly known that they were not interested on the humans affairs anymore as they already have what they came for. The World Eaters and the Red Corsairs however, weren't there. Confusion ran among the Imperium ranks, as they were expecting a surprise attack from the Alpha Legion, not from any of the dedicated assault armies. That alone proved the cunning leadership of Lord Minthras.

A wall of Land Raiders were deployed to halt the oncoming assault, while the artillery tanks placed behind them. But it was to no avail, as the Forces of Disorders unleashed their volley of bombardments and later called down a barrage from the orbit, providing them with a thick wall of smoke to cover their advance.

The thin line of assault, revealing the weakness and frailty of the Imperium for inability to defend against such a small number of the assaulting force.

The blood-frenzy World Eaters assaulted from behind, surrounding the Forces of Order. It appeared that Lord Minthras orchestrated this assault using only half of his force's total strength, due to the absence of the Red Corsairs. The former Ultramarines' made a great sacrifice to prove their allegiance, none of their marines in Tactical Dreadnought Armours survived as they were all wiped out in a single turn. Some were even converted to a Hydra spawn, as shown in the above satellite image. The sacrifice seemed to be worth it, as they managed to halt the Alpha Legion's heavy gunline advance. Later on, it will prove to be useless.

A satellite image of Lord Minthras in his final act of valour and bravery, making his stand against the coward marines of the Ravenwing. Their leader refused the challenge made, and sent his goons instead. In the background, we could see the Ravenwing leader skimmering side-by-side with a xenos. as he gleefully watched Lord Minthras trampled over by the bikes. Ain't he a pure hypocrite?

Nevertheless, the resistance was futile and the losses were bad. Brother Captain Stern of the Inquisition was ripped into pieces by lesser daemons, an Ordo Malleus Grandmaster was eaten alive by a Khorne Daemon Prince, and the Imperium supreme commander was assassinated by a World Eaters' Tactical Dreadnought armour squad. The promised rescue party never landed, as the condition on the ground looked very grim and it would be suicidal to land. Only a few who were willful enough managed to escape the planet by their own from the ensuing slaughter. The Inquisition army was obliterated, while the status of the former Ultramarines were unknown. There were rumours saying that Lord Syammael escaped along with his newfound xenos ally, together with their faithful xenos-loving (junior) Lord Commissar Faizal.

The future now looked brighter for Arenxis Minoris, as it has been liberated from the foul taint and corrupting influence of Imperium. For The Emperor!


Yes, Chaos wins.

For more pics, checkout Rizal's blog.


  1. nice write-up! I finally posted the back-story

  2. nice pics and write ups. too bad i had to miss all da fun :(

  3. Glorious writeup- I couldn't have written it better myself! The lie that is the Dark Angels was exposed for what it is: hypocrisy!!!

  4. Thanks guys! This is just the Alpha Legion point of view, somebody need to write own from the Imperium perspective to make it more interesting ;)