Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marksmanship Award, and 'Kindred'

Yesterday, was the Marksmanship tournament for the Legio League 3. As usual, Swiss-type tournament, 3 rounds of dice chucking. Only 7 participants took part; 1 Eldar, 1 Daemonhunters, 2 SM (Ultramarine & former Ultramarine), 1 Tyranids, and 2 Alpha Legion. See, by default, the Alpha legion has already won. Hahaha :D

This was my army list:
(the theme was duality/twin/ you can see, almost everything except the Defiler is in pairs..4 terminators is paired with 4 Obliterators)
  • Sorcerer with plasma pistol & Gift of Chaos
  • Sorcerer with Warptime
  • 4 Terminator with Combi-melta
  • 7 Chosen with 4 Meltagun & 1 Power Fist, in Rhino
  • 7 Chosen with 3 Flamers & 2 Power Fist, in Rhino
  • 7 Plague Marines with 2 Meltagun, in Rhino
  • 7 Plague Marines with 2 Meltagun, in Rhino
  • 2 Obliterator
  • 2 Obliterator
  • 1 Defiler with 3 DCCW, Reaper Autocannon & Battlecannon
My first match was against Zaki's Tyranids. The last time I fought him was probably last year, at Comics Mart. At that time, his army wasn't even painted yet. Now, it has 'Selangor Glory' painted all over them. Just by looking at them during deployment is awesome. The game was seize ground and we had FIVE objectives. I was really outnumbered in this match, and the synapse thing really made it tough (lost one of my sorcerers due to misunderstanding in the synapse ability, force weapon doesn't work as normal against 'Fex). Due to the sheer number of models on the table, the match took quite some time and the time was called during our turn 4. I only managed to wipe out two massive squads of Gaunts, and contesting 2 other objectives that was held by another two massive squad of Gaunts and 2 units of Genestealers. The match ended up in a draw. We definitely must have a rematch.

Second match was against Arzmi's Daemonhunters and it's Annihilation. Getting Kill Points from him ain't easy, especially considering the fact that my Termicide squad had a deep strike mishap and my battlecannon scattered too far destroying my own rhino. I got a good start though, as I managed to wreck his Terminator-carrying Land Raider, his uber killy unit. The match went see-saw, and in the end, I won the match by 9-8. Damn, it's really close. Only after the match did Arzmi pointed out to me that I almost TA'ed him as the Grandmaster and the 3 terminators on the board, are actually the only models he has left on the table. Our game was fast, so fast that we already in our turn 4 while Zaki's Tyranids vs Shazli's Ultramarines are still in their deployment phase.

After the match, I get the opportunity to chat and discuss regarding the concepts and principals or army building with Quek, the first SPOREcon champ. It's really nice to know how he's seeing the game in another perspective, while at the same time maintaining fluff and not going overboard on powergaming. That chat gave me a new insight; as now I'm already scratching out Terminators & Land Raiders from my Raven Guard list, adding a new dimension to my Alpha Legion list, and a secret list for the Kindred doubles tournament (so that I can compliment Faizal's army list). More on Kindred later.

If I win this last game, I'll be the Marksman Champ. Alvin, my fellow Legionnaire, was really hyped about it since he already won the league Fanatic award, and it would definitely be nice for Alpha Legion to conquer the whole thing. The last match was against Khairul's Saim-Hann. It was Capture & Control, in a very dense terrain set-up. My Raven Guard would love this table, but my Alpha Legion hates it. However, Khairul even hate it more as it limited his turbo-boosting and skimmer ability. This game was very tough, yet it was the best one I had for the day. It was evenly balanced, and in the end, it was a draw with perfectly even scores. However, there was a conditional catch in this round; if it's a draw then we had to count Kill Points. Therefore, I lose and Khairul became the champ. Congratulations bro!

Anyway, this paint-in-progress unit was my MVP for the day:

Kinda feel sad (and a bit bitter) since I only managed to 'almost win' the tournament. It's normal, post-tournament blues, as people say. But I'm going to make it up in Kindred, as Faizal and I are now aiming for the Best General, People's Choice, and Team Hobby. Anyway, what's Kindred? Feast your eyes on this:

I'm teaming up with Faizal, and now we're officialy announcing the army we're going to use to the whole world: Chaos Undivided a.k.a Black Legion. Kindred shall be our Black Crusade and no, we will not bleed together, because we're going to be victorious and all of our opponent shall bleed to death!


  1. Well done in the marksmanship! You didn't win but it sounds like great fun ... i like that dense urban table :)

    and black legion for kindred? the frateris militia and sisters of battle will cleanse you of your sins with holy flamer, melta and bolter!

  2. Yes, Imperial Battle Honors are a good thing, and the Marksman's Honor was a closely fought tournament. Your were close Iqbal! :)

    Nice writeup dude- there's always next season...

  3. thanks guys..hope this is a sign of improvement on my gaming champ of SPOREcon perhaps?..hahaha :D

    anyway, Black Legion all the way!

  4. Yeah the last table was way too dense for my liking. Truly tested one's ability to choose deployment and movement every turn. Seeing killpoints would be counted if the game ended in a draw, i decided to use my long range firepower to pick your units off from far while my seer council tried to contest your objective. Which was why i targeted your rhinos early on for quick killpoints.

    But still it was a close fought game. Could be different if the table wasn't so dense with terrain.

    Thanks for the fight bro. Champion material for sure!!!

    Good luck with Faizal for Kindred.

  5. Sounds like you had great fun. That matters the most brother :)

  6. Hey dude, bring a few wood elves with you tonight and your paints. We could try a dip and see how you like it. I think dipping your elves would look great and help you get them done quickly