Sunday, December 20, 2009

40K: The Next Step

I'm on a roll, four blog posts in less than 24 hours. Hahaha :D

I have some projects to do, and I may need some help to get these particular bits to get the job done. I've posted some pictures along, but there are three items that I couldn't post the pictures because I don't even have them. Those items would be:
  • CSM Nurgle Champion helmet x2
  • CSM Slaanesh Champion head x2
  • CSM Tzeentch Champion helmet x3
and these, are the other items that I'm looking for:

This particular helmet comes either from the Attack Bike sprue or the Landspeeder sprue, I'm not too sure. I need three more of this.

This shoulder pad is from the CSM box. I need five more of this particular shoulder pad. I want to build a totally uniform squad of Alpha Legionnaire, to go with the fluff "We are all Alpharius."

That sense of uniformity is continued to the torso, as I also need five more of this. I'll trade the other CSM torso designs for this.

This beakie helmet, will clearly be for my Raven Guard marines. There's no limit for this helmet, I'll take any number that you have.

The same limitless RG wishlist goes for this particular shoulder pad.

And it also applies to this SM torso. I have lots of the 'Aquila with pirate skull' torso that I didn't use, so if you want it, perhaps a trade for an unlimited amount of this torso.

Contact me if you have them, I'll trade/buy them off from you.


Do you think I'll end this week without any update of my current projects? The frustration for zero progress this week turned out for the better, as I did finally manage to make some small progress. Did you guys remember Battle Brother Trowa? I've posted a blog specifically for him early this year, but since then he has been deactivated from duty. However, the Chapter Master has decided to reactivate him and bestowed a new pair of arms. Not only that, he'll have two other fellow battle brothers; Quatre and Heero, to accompany him.

They will be my current project while waiting for those bits available to me, along with completing 'Venom' and making some master moulds for my Kindred army (and Faizal's) basing.

Okay, that's it for this week. By the way, congratulations to Iskazri for your 3rd purity seal ;)


  1. thank you. all the best with your projects

  2. I'll trade you bit for bit. I have them CSM torso's and shoulder pads. Will contact you when I get back.

  3. I think i have some of them biker marine helmets ... but no beakies ... i too have an RG project that's about 7 years delayed ... lol

  4. I have lots, willing to give and trade, especially the SM torsos and maybe some beakie heads with the dotted shoulder pads. Have lots of them.

    I bought about 10 boxes of Assault Squad a long time ago...

  5. @alvin: 10? That's one full squad..I want them, thanks!