Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fastball Special

In the last few days, the boredom of painting only either black, blue, or green finally got to me. But all that changed yesterday. Guess what arrived in my mailbox (courtesy of Wolf's Game Shop):

Yup, the Wood Elves Blood Bowl team. I even played it straight out of the box and won my first match against Shaz's Human team. My experience playing with multiple Alter Kindred heroes really helped, as playing the Catchers and the Wardancers in this team were just like playing with the former (freakin' speed demons but still, not as fast as the Lizardmen's JTLoD: Jaguar Turbo Lizard of Doom). I chose to name them the Darkwald Vanguards, after the Darkwald Forest somewhere within the Empire region. Initially planned to name them 'Sentinels', because the Asrai are guardians of the Forest, but when I mentioned that word, the first thing that came to everybody's minds that were there yesterday was the giant purple-maroon mutant-hunting robots. 'Defenders' and 'Watchers' were too cliche, so 'Vanguard' it is then.

And here it was today, in their white primer condition. 2.5 hours later, all of them are already based coloured, but the camera I have right now doesn't do me justice. The main colour would be bright red, since I wanted something away from the blue or green hues. Yellow did came into consideration, but since I'm going to paint them blonde, painting them yellow would then be very boring to look at. Once I get a better camera, I'll post a better picture.

Hmm..I may need at least 1 more Catcher in this team.

p/s: The pictures are taken with my phone's 2 megapixel camera. Sorry for the low quality.


  1. Wow didn't know GW still selling blood bowl stuff... kewl!!!

  2. In fact, they're still selling all those specialist games..just need the crowd to play them though ;)