Monday, June 28, 2010

Legends - Week 2 Summary

It has been a slow week for the Daemons. No, not due to work but more towards miscalculation. It just dawned on me last Wednesday that the Legio Malaysia's second birthday celebration is actually ~ 1 week away. I still haven't really completed my Golden Kris entries for single miniature and BFG, and I still have 2 more unpainted Raven Guard Dreadnought. Speaking of Raven Guard, hmm...list? Bloody hell, I've forgotten it too, will settle that tomorrow.

So, my only progress for this week would only be these.


  1. hahaha.. soo many things to do, so little time.
    So you'll bring your RG this birthday bash. Your 10th Co. and my 3rd. Together we will cleanse Legio off the chaos taint :)

    Victorus Aut Mortis.

  2. There's a lot going on right now for sure- I spent the evening working on trophies!

  3. i love the bases! nice work on epidemius, did u dipped it?

  4. @dipmaster: spot on!..but I added simple green on 1:4 ratio into the mixture, purposely to corrode the basecoat in order to achieve a corrupted Nurgle effect to it..the Epidemius is still not done yet though, gotta splotch some rotting flesh wash randomly after the dip dries..

    @deathkorps: well..I'm currently painting to win a trophy (hopefully), hahaha..

    @AK: Victorus aut Mortis!

  5. da daemon prince looks cool!wanna c it real dude,,!love da helmet!awesomelah,,brulah daemon !wohooo