Monday, June 7, 2010

Eldars in stasis, Daemons cometh.

The title says it all. I'm putting my Eldar fleet project on hold to make way for a proper progress on my Nurgle Daemon army. Why? It's because of this Legends competition.

This Daemon army, by fluff and gameplay, would be an expansion/supplement to my existing Alpha Legion army. And, expect loads of conversion on this project. Here are some sneak peek into the project:

Bok'rr the Nurgle Herald, still needs some greenstuff work to smooth the transition of deformity.

Custom bases, sculpted by your truly.


  1. Nice conversion, doctor. Hope it will be ready by the time I August.

  2. Well doc, I do hope that I complete this army by the end of the competition.

  3. All the best in the competition bro. Was looking forward to playing against your eldar pirate fleet :)