Monday, June 21, 2010

Legends - Week 1 Summary

Finished painting the dogs, but I'll still consider them at 80% status at the moment. Reason being they're still without any base yet. I'll post the pictures later when they are truly finished, that means properly based. So, I've spent the weekend trying to produce those bases. Things was going on well, till the moment of casting. It turns out that the silicone that I had is only enough for one mold. I did one for the 25mm's but the 40mm's are still pending. That means no bases for the dogs until I make that next trip to Multifilla. I did try searching for the 2-part RTV silicone around my residential area though, but there were none.

While waiting for the cast to cure (which takes approximately 24 hours), I completed assembly and made a slight conversion on this fellow.

I did mentioned a couple of times that I wanted to change my Legends list from a  pure fluff hobby entry into a proper playable army list. Since I had an 'artist block' on my DP, I decided to give this fellow a basecoat. By the looks of it, that list change could come sooner than later. And later on, I finally had the inspiration on how to paint my Nurgle DP (seen in the background). Note the weird colour choice, but it's only the basecoat. Trust me, it'll be Nurgle-fied.

Epidemius only need some washes and minor detailing and it'll be done. I'm expecting to finish it by next week. The DP needs some silver trims, post airbrush touching up, bones to be painted, minor highlight, two drybrush layers, and the final wash. Should be able to finish it in two or three weeks. Why so long? Coz I just realized that the Legio Birthday Bash is only two weeks away, and I still have two unpainted dreadnoughts. Not to mention that I haven't actually finished my single and BFG entries.

That's all for this week.
By next week, I'm expecting to have shitloads of 25mm resin bases available.


  1. Nice progress dude! :) Can't wait to see the first castings from your new mold

  2. Nice effort on the bases. Will need to hook up when next i'm back to learn from you. Can we please get a close up of the finished bases once they're cured? Thanks bro.

    Don't forget to paint ;)hehehe

  3. You are fast becoming a superb hobbyist. Saw your bases at Legio.. They are damn cun!!

    Keep it up bro..

  4. Thanks for the support guys.

  5. I noticed you are using CD storage cases for your mold- that is awesome. When you have time, perhaps you could generate a FAQ how you made and use them for others.

  6. Okay, will keep that in mind.

  7. Hey when are you going to post up some pics of minis that are using these bases? I've been waiting to see them painted up!