Saturday, July 17, 2010

Legends - Week 3&4 Summary + Week 5 Progress

I've been caught up with some real life matters in the past few weeks. I was still able to do some hobby, but haven't had the proper time to update this blog, until now. These are what I was working on, and as usual I kinda overdo it. I assembled 18, instead of the needed 14. Not complaining though, it'll be a good foundation if I wanna do a last minute army list change.

Ugh, some of the custom made bases are flawed. It's okay though, there's a first time for everything.  I'll post up a tutorial on how I made the mold after the Legends season end. I need to mention that by the time I posted this blog, these 'counts-as Plaguebearers' already basecoated. Gonna get them fully painted by today, and of course, update of the warhounds. Let's just say I managed to do a mold for the 40mm bases.


  1. Them bases don't look so bad. At least you didn't get Opaque Polyester Resin like me. Now all my castings are clear! Would be nice to put in a LED for dramatical effects though :)

  2. @ivan: the bases aren't level enough..needs more practice..anyway, how are you bro?'s been quite some time since I heard anything from you..

  3. @Ivan- Dude, just add pigment to the resin when you mix it up. Make 'em any color you like!

    @Vuel- How are they not coming out level? Are you using the glass? The glass should make it perfect every time

  4. @deathkorps: there are some parts that aren't level (re: 5th model from the left on 1st picture & 4th model on 2nd picture)..guess it's more to the amount of resin poured into the mold, perhaps some are insufficient..

  5. Dude, that's what the glass is for. You slightly overpour, and then mush the glass down on top of it. Gives you a smooth bottom of the base and guarantees that every base will be level.

  6. @Iqbal: I'm good, just been busy with preparing to leave for Adelaide and clearing up my hobby projects. Too much to do in such a short time. I'm recasting my basses so that the bottom are leveled. Will try a new technique tomorrow when the new mold sets.

    @Jeff: Thanks for the idea. Will try to get me hands on some when I can. The opaque resin is quite cool though, you can actually see where youre drilling into :) Will see how the new batch turn out.

    Miss you guys. Will definitely try to make it this coming Friday.