Sunday, July 25, 2010

Legends - Week 6 Progress and Conclusion

Suffice to say, I did it. I managed to complete my entry, and there's still an hour left prior deadline. Here are pictures of the work I did in the past three days, enjoy.

And here's the whole Hydra Cult of Pestilence. It has been 6 weeks of fun, looking forward for a Season 2. Kudos to Paxter of the 40K Malaysia forum for organizing this competition.


  1. Well done dude. I'm looking forward to seeing this army on the table

  2. Well done bro!!! U managed to get it done even with all d conversion work...great effort :)

  3. Congrats! Bring the army this friday and have a good photo shoot with Legio terrain :) ... and if there's time, take on my IG (after my Thousand Sons vs Iyanden game)

  4. All those conversions is much respected brother. Too much work done in just 6 weeks. Just plain awesome!

    What is your plan fpr the next 750 points?

  5. The future plans would be a third Nurgle DP (as I'm gonna use my CSM-DP as the second one), probably some Nurglings too, but definitely finishing up the original plan of Beasts of Nurgle.

    Thanks for the appreciation :)