Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Northern Gathering

The Legends season is over, and I managed to get second place. As a matter of fact, out of five participants, only two person managed to complete the mission; Jeff being the other one. So, guess who won?

This week, Jeff started on his Death Korps of Krieg project while I started making preparations for an ancient battle. This was all I managed to do for the whole week.

Till then, see you next week.


  1. Chaos!!! Nice, dude. Are you going for a Nurgle theme as well with this army?

  2. Great.. Now my DE wont be as lonely as the past few years.

    I am currently painting the sexy Wytches. They will be the first to greet you when we finally meet.

    Till then, keep it up bro :)

  3. emm...all dem spiky uns from da north. well, sum can fight but most of dem got rotten meat wot wiv all dem corruptin' magics all around.

    matters not for we'll stomp, bash and kill ya all, and wots left we'll make gud on snotling's stewpot. hurhurhur

  4. Bro, when can we see them in action?

  5. @doc: the WoC would still be camped on the northern regions, I have two marauder hordes which not even one has materialized yet..stock tak sampai mah..

    There are whispers of mobilization of the Athel Loren though..