Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Badab War Project, Part 1

Some of you guys may have already known that I have taken part in Alvin's Badab War mini project. Why? It's actually simple, I just need an excuse to give justice for my pile of AOBR marines and terminators. Plus, this particular chapter that I chose, also gave me an excuse to build a prototype Custodes model. I've started with a 1500pts army (pending the Siege Mantlets), with a future plan of 2 Thunderfire Cannons (if a Finecast version is available) to round it up into a 1750pts army. For 2000pts, I have no idea at the moment.

Concurrently preparing myself for the upcoming Legio Malaysia's campaign, I've decided to put this project on hold. So, I've given myself a deadline to finish whatever I can by this weekend. It turns out that I fared better than I expected; primed, basecoated, primary colour applied, and preshading done. So far, this is what I've managed since Sunday night.

Hope I can do more work on them by this weekend before officially putting them on hold. But who knows, maybe I could pull everything off. Stay tune for more updates on this project (hopefully).


  1. wah lao eh~~~ y there is a big ass missile launcher on the termi back 1???

    According to fluff, there are only a handful of custodes guard, I think the one that you field already take up 0.5% of their population, kekekekeke

  2. err..Cyclone Missile Launcher? :p

    the custodes is just a prototype, for now it counts as Lord Asterion Moloc..

  3. customize the infamous tall helmet,that would be awesome!

  4. yes, would definitely do that later..

  5. Oh, these are Custodes? I thought these were some kind of Minotaurs faction based on the blog post title image. Tricksie!!! ;)

  6. @deathkorps: they are Minotaurs..but there are a few prototype Custodes amongst the models..

  7. Please show us the custodes models in more detail pleaseeeee :)

    Good luck on the minotaurs bro :) Keep on painting!!!

    Btw what bases are u planning on?

  8. it's a fairly simple conversion actually..don't worry, will show them later..

    any suggestion on the bases?
    brown looked monotonous, green/grey a bit too out of place..any other ideas than snow/ice bases?

  9. actually either the standard bestial brown rim with earth and grass or grey city terrain would good