Monday, August 8, 2011

The Badab War Project, Part 2

As of 12 midnight yesterday, my Badab War project has been officially put on hold. Not much progress since the previous post, and this was my best effort minutes to midnight.

As you can see for yourself, despite the simple colour scheme, there's still a bit more work to be done. I've thought of drilling the barrels, but was a bit worried that it might end up looking like a pig's snout. Anyway, feel free to drop any comments. I'll definitely keep that in mind once the project is unearthed. As per Azlan's suggestion, I'll probably just do a typical basing of bestial brown rim with earth and grass for them. But since nothing is done yet, I'm still open for suggestions.

This was how the Cursed Founding looked like at 00.01 am, and somehow it has a taste of sorrow to it. They deserved better, but I'll make sure such a sacrifice would not come to waste. With the entombment of a 'box', it was time to unveil another 'box'.

The theme for this week will definitely be filing and assembly of the metal figures. It'll soon be followed by assembly of the plastic figures. I'm expecting everything to be primed by the next 2-3 weeks. Ghemehaal, here comes the pain!


  1. For the Badab project, which chapters are you basing them on? U go with Huron's Separatist or Imperium?

  2. lol henchmen galore !!

    cant wait to see those DCAs on the table !!

  3. @faizal: Minotaurs (Imperium)
    @arzmi: you and me both :)

  4. Drill the bolter bro. It'll look nicer. Once painted up it'll look nice.

    That is a lot of marines u've got painted up but u did make the right decision :)
    Ghemehaal it is.

    Lord sentikan will be sending a force of GK to get rid of this sesat inquisition force hehe.

  5. you sure?..ok, will drill it later then..