Sunday, July 24, 2011

Works in Progress

A few weeks back, I've assembled a Chaos Lord/Aspiring Champion/Herald after giving in to my inner impulse for a conversion job. In truth, I've completed painting the model quite long ago. To give justice to the model, here's Lord Steffon Aureus.

And here are some WIP pictures of the projects that kept myself busy since the Apocalyptic Birthday Bash & Golden Kris. First, allow me to show my interpretation of what the monstrous Hellcannon should look like.

Followed by the vehicles that Inquisitor Kravin will bring to Legio Malaysia's Ghemehaal: Annihilation campaign; 1 Razorback, 2 Chimeras, and 2 Stormravens.

That's all for now, folks.


  1. Nice modification on the ravens there bro :)
    May we have a side view please. Not too sure abt the razorback though...

    Heard from arzmi abt yr fracture bro. Sorry to hear that. How how long will u be out @ not working? On the brightside, u have more time to paint huh...

    Get well soon. Take care man.

  2. Nice figs, but I'll echo what Khairul said and praise the Stormravens, but say that Razorback turret is.... interesting!

    Get well soon, and do let us know how you're set for the campaign. We need a Chaos general!

  3. The hellcannon looks very cool! If possible, try sculpt some face on the cannon barrel like the original model, this way, it will look way cooler

    ps: huh? you are unwell? take good care and get well soon.

  4. thanks for the encouragement guys..
    more pics will come in later posts, especially full front-side-back-top view of the stormravens..

    @goh: I don't like the original model, it looked like a possessed cannon rather than a daemonic cannon construct..