Monday, June 27, 2011

The Bronze Kris

I missed the first Golden Kris due to work commitments.
Managed to participate in the second one, but came back with nothing.
Finally managed to win something in the third installment.

Ladies and gentlemen, my first ever Golden Kris award: Third Place for the Large Model category - Plague Rhino Mk. II
Sure, third place might not be significant to some of you out there. For all I care, it's not easy to get one and I'm absolutely damn proud of finally getting one for myself.


  1. Sincere congratulations dude! Great looking tank and a well deserved trophy

  2. Well, congratulations to both of you too..your entries are just awesome :)

  3. Congrats bro. Can't wait for the full list to be up.

  4. it's up bro, at the Legio photo gallery..

  5. dude, i thought your rhino looks really nurgly ... well done!

  6. Congrats bro.. I doubt I'll ever do something like that. A well deserve award.

    Your Doomsday Device is damn nice too. Mine and Subhan's pale in comparison (But at least we explode spectacularly hahaha :D)

  7. Just believe you can, and you'll defintitely be able to do it..

    I was worried too that my Doomsday Device was a dud..luckily it destroyed a Baneblade, a Rhino and a Vanquisher in one shot..