Friday, June 24, 2011


I used to be a comic book fan. I abandoned the hobby long ago as the financial side to maintain it was troublesome for an average high school kid. However, it doesn't mean that I've completely forgotten about it coz whenever certain random words popped up during conversations, random images are projected into my mind. For instance, when somebody says 'Venom' or 'Multiple', these came to mind:
Likewise, the first thing that came to mind when somebody suggested to me to build a Doomsday Device for tomorrow's Apocalypse game, is this:
After brainstorming for a couple of hours, I used the Superman-Killer concept as a basis for my own Doomsday Device of Nurgle. After five days, or 10-hours of work to be exact, I ended up with this thing of vile beauty.
I hope it'll do well tomorrow, blowing up enemies left and right like nobody's business. I haven't forget though, tomorrow is also the event for the annual Golden Kris. Here's a WIP snapshot for my Large Category entry.
Till then, ciao..


  1. Ha! Cool! You're a Madrox and Venom fans too??!!

    Try pickup the current peter david run of x-factor, you won't regret it :-/

    ps: The nurgle doomsday device looks awesome!

  2. I used to be a huge fan of Madrox, he was my favourite mutant (next favourite would obviously be Erik Magnus Lehnsherr)..the movies didn't do them justice :(

    by the way, thanks for the compliment..see you tomorrow at Golden Kris..

  3. Nice device there bro :)

    Didnt know u were a comic book fan then. We should really talk aka pinjam-meminjam hehehe.

    Good look esok!!

  4. I just went and watched first class couple days ago, and I was like WTF.. how old exactly is Emma Frost (since she's with cyclops now...hmm... guess he's a MILF lover kind of dude=___,=)

    Jamie is the main man for the current x-factor lineup, the brilliant exchange between the team member, his uncertainties, and his ever-wonderful monologue make him top of my fav x-men list (and ooze out tons of money to get the TPB every other month =p but I would say it's well spent)

    See ya tomolo and good luck on the Apoc =D

  5. @khairul: can, but my collection is rather old and 10+ years outdated..

    The defenders have quality technology, but we're outnumbered like 5 to 1..hope we end up victorious..