Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Recap and What Lies Ahead in 2013

I must say, 2012 was a great year. At least, it was for me. Won my first official tournament, more than doubled the count for my Golden Kris awards, successfully attempted the Iron Halo challenge, and of course, finally have the courage (and motivation) to paint my Wood Elves.
Starting of with painting, I discovered that I managed to paint almost 200 models throughout the year. Honestly, this was beyond my expectation. Credits to my fellow hobbyists, especially the Legionnaires of Legio Malaysia, as I couldn't managed this without their continuous support. Listed below are the models that I've painted (and based) in 2012.
Flames of War
50 Vehicles
12 Infantry (small base)
31 Infantry (medium base)
6 Artillery
1 Airplane

Warhammer Fantasy

27x 20mm base
1x 25mm base

Warhammer 40K
44x 28mm base
9x 40mm base
1x Oval base
3x Vehicle (tank/walker/flyer)
1x Objective Marker
1x Display Base
My achievements in 2012 were something that I'm really proud of. Not that I won the overall Golden Kris award nor being The Chosen, but some of them were actually my firsts since I started this hobby ~10 years ago.
Champion - Gameforge's Island of Fire Border Patrol (2012, Wood Elves)
2nd Place - Gameforge's Island of Fire Best Painted Patrol (2012, Wood Elves)
3rd Place - Golden Kris Single Model Category (2012, The Death Guard)
3rd Place - Golden Kris Flames of War Category (2012, Tiger Platoon)
Legio Malaysia's Iron Painter and Iron Halo (2012, Nurgle Force)
I usually paint more than I play. In 2012, it turned out that I was more active than the norm since I took part in these fantastic campaigns:
  • A Bridge Too Far (2012, FoW)
  • Firestorm: Bagration (2012, FoW)
  • Tank Aces (2012, FoW)
  • Operation Case Yellow (2012, FoW)
2013 is looking to be another awesome year. Checkout this latest post by Legio Malaysia; the list of events for the first half of the year were already laid out in detail. This means that you can start planning your schedule if you're considering of participating in these events. And seriously, doesn't the picture below  blow your mind?
See you next time!


  1. That is A LOT of stuff completed and accomplished for 2012. Well done dude- may 2013 be even better for you! :)

    1. Thanks dude! Looking forward to 2013 :)

  2. You sure hobby alot in 2012, may your hobby in 2013 is as fruitful as Nurgle's garden =)

    1. Nurgle's garden? LOL. That was last year's theme.
      This year's theme will be pointy ears ;)

  3. Replies
    1. it's Elves my friend, both the fantasy and sci-fi versions of them ;)