Monday, November 5, 2012

Iron Painter 2012 Wrap-Up

(It has been almost two months since my last post. Sorry, was tied up badly with work.)

More than two years has passed since I did my last on-call duty, and thus waking up for 30+ hours can be considered as a new experience again for me. Pictured below is a snapshot on what I managed to paint during the recent 24-hour Iron Painter event. Behold the devotees of Nurgle, in all its glorious filthy and rotting slimeliness.

This was the second Iron Painter held by Legio Malaysia, and it was also Malaysia's third Iron Painter in the last three years. Looking at the trend, this is going to be an annual event. Nine people registered, but only eight turned up for the challenge; myself, Jeff, Khairul, Shukur, Alvin, Janice, Joshua, and Jamie. For this installment, I've chosen to paint the new Plaguebearer models released mid-year to refresh my existing Daemon army. The Daemon models were my primary 30 models requirement to achieve the Iron Painter status, while I've added some models from the CSM range just in case I had the time to challenge for Iron Halo.

Here are some pictures of the primed models, just minutes before the event started. Please note that Jamie arrived merely seconds before the event started, thus not included in the picture below.

My Nurgle Force
Shukur's Soviet Tankovy
Alvin's Iron Warriors
Janice's Orks
Jeff's Welsh Guard (proximal) & Khairul's Blackforce company (distal)
Joshua's CSM
"Why am I white!!!?"
Warning, an Alpha Legion cultist sighted

And here are the rest of the pictures. I've purposely added the date-and-time stamp so that you guys can also have a feel on the event progress from 10.30 am on Saturday till 10.30 am on Sunday. Check them out, y'all.


After 24 hours of painting, only seven mighty painters managed to complete the challenge. Jamie decided to pull off at 4 am due to fatigue, but he did mention that he's looking forward for next year's event. Nevertheless, here are the awesome models by the 2012 Iron Painters.

Blackforce Mechanised Company (Khairul) - Iron Painter Champion
Nurgle Force (Iqbal) - Iron Painter & Iron Halo
Iron Warriors Legion (Alvin) - Iron Painter
Soviet Tankovy Batalon (Shukur) - Iron Painter
Orks (Janice) - Iron Painter
Khornate CSM (Joshua) - Iron Painter
Welsh Guards (Jeff) - Iron Painter
The Iron Painters of 2012 (L to R) : Janice, Alvin, Jeff, Shukur, Khairul, Joshua, Iqbal

Special credits to:

1. Jeff - for organising this event, completing the Iron Painter challenge, and being an excellent motivator to your fellow Iron Painter participants
2. Khairul - also for organising this event, and winning the Purity Seal as the Iron Painter Champion
3. Shukur - for completing the Iron Painter challenge, plus the endless and tireless support you've given me to complete the Iron Halo challenge
4. Alvin - for completing the Iron Painter challenge and being a good company to your fellow Iron Painter participants throughout the night
5. Janice - for being the first female in Malaysia to participate and complete the Iron Painter challenge
6. Joshua - for completing the Iron Painter challenge despite the frequent neck and back aches you've suffered
7. Jamie - for pushing yourself to the limit in this Iron Painter challenge
8. BLee - for the encouragement and the support, and also for the late night snack
9. Quah, Yip, Hakim & Goh - for being good mentors in helping to spread the love for this hobby to the community
10. Chang - for organising Magacon 2012
11. And last but not least, to all fellow wargamers/hobbyists who have spared their time in making an effort to support us in completing the Iron Painter challenge. Really appreciate it guys!

That's all for now. Before I end this lengthy blog entry, here are some close-up shots of my army.

"Do you feel yourself lucky, punk."
"I am now fully painted, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"


  1. Great stuff! Congrats to all of you! Job well done!

  2. Very nice recap- the best I've seen yet! Congrats on being the only one to get the Iron Halo as well! :)

  3. Agreed. Very nice recap with cool pics. We should put it up on the legio photo album section.

    Congrats on completing your iron painter bro!! And no worries about the car situation. All settled with room to spare for sleep.

  4. Dude ... those are really awesome pictures. Love the chaos cultist pic ... all Alvin is missing is a eight pointed symbol on his forehead. Sorry I couldn't drop by to support you guys. Wish I did though.

  5. What a write up!!! Wonderful update and lovely photos....hats off to you.

  6. Nicely done dude, I'm surprise you did not score the best painted (no offence to Khairul =p I LOVE dark and grimy stuff with pus leaking and rusty weapon, kekekeke). I'm really regret can't even go to vote for the event, there are alot last minute stuff going on last weekend, its kinda crazy =p

    ps: I dont really help on the event lah... merely go look see look see.

  7. Limp, i do take offense.....but my broken heart can be soothed by a maulerfiend or drake...sedih plus menangis...huhuhuhh

    1. put those on ur xmas wishlist, maybe santa will drop that down ur chimney if you are a good boy this year =p (ps: drake are not as bad as folks criticize it on the interweb, it's choke full of details, but yeah the pose is kinda limited unless u cut off certain part ;-))

      I did go to whitebox for about 3 minutes on Saturday (bumped Carl on the way), but u r too focus on painting on ur headphone I didn't have chance to wave hello with u lah!

  8. Thanks a lot for the compliments guys, really appreciate it.
    Wouldn't have done it without support from all of you.

    @limp: I want a maulerfiend too ;p

    1. Gift exchange with Khairul on Xmas it is =P He can buy u a fiend, u can gift him a drake, problem solved with no Santa involve!