Thursday, November 29, 2012

Foreststriders, Part 1

Finally, some progress that I can be proud of.

The basic colours for these five Glade Guards were painted on quite some time ago, but I have never truly considered them finished. So, in the last two nights, I've added the highlights, did some detail works, and also gave them proper grass basing.

If I remembered correctly, these elves were originally meant to be a part from a 21-strong archer squad. However, looking at the limited time frame, I will be more than happy if I completed 10 models.

That's all for now, folks. Stay tune for more.


  1. Bro ... the highlights on the cloth are way cool. Respect! It looks so natural. Dude what colours did you use for the cloak i.e. what was the basecoat/midtone/hightlight/extreme highlights?

    As someone who is trying ... not to successfully ... to paint cloth well, I can truly say yours look awesome ... well done. =)

    1. Thanks.
      For the cloth, I used the Stepladder Approach. It's a method of utilising a uniform sequence of colours.

      Hmm..I think I'll write about it in my next post. Simply explaining by words just won't do.

  2. You are one guy that I know who still plays Wood Elves....semangat!
    How many points do you have already?

  3. Dude, despite what people say, Wood Elves are strong.
    Right now, I have 1300pts painted out of 2500pts of models.