Monday, March 28, 2011

K2: Tales of the Harlequin, Part 3

Where am I?”

Nothingness all around, total silence everywhere. It was not for long, as the emptiness was broken by a sudden throbbing sound to her right. It was the engine, struggling to function normally as a laser shot pierced through the holofield.

Then, it dawned upon her. She was piloting her Falcon on a reconnaissance mission, before she was ambushed by the daemonic monkeighs. Doom was definitely impending and somehow, she ended up in this mysterious null void.

A shrieking laughter broke the tranquility.

Fear not my child for you has been chosen by Cegorach. Now, fly towards the light.


Another one?”

The Yme-Loc artisan looked quizzically as an Iybraesil Falcon materialized through the webway gate. It was simply astonishing to see how the Harlequins obtained their resources. All manners of damaged vehicles from all sorts of Craftworlds and Corsairs were salvaged in the last few months. In respect to their pact, they wouldn’t dare to question the Harlequins. Especially, since that person made a sudden appearance within their midst.

Is it true? Is it really that near?” the artisan questioned himself.

The port door suddenly opened, and ranks of warriors from the Fire Dragon Path emerged from the doorway. Then, he walked out ceremoniously.

The Yme-Loc then mumbled, “Speak of the phoenix…


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