Monday, March 7, 2011

K2: Tales of the Harlequin, Part 2

The red-garbed figure was sitting quietly at the end of the room. This person, whom most believed to be almost as potent as the legendary Eldrad, was reading a book regarding the history of the Old Ones’ lizard-like servants. A small webway portal suddenly materialized right in front of him, yet the great farseer maintained his calmness. Instead he spoke,

I’ve been expecting you, my brother. Came to reclaim your guardians, are you not?”

An orange-robed figure wearing very intricate bone armour underneath walked out of the portal, nodded and smiled courteously as he took off his ghosthelm. As it has always been, accompanying by his side was a herald of Cegorach.

There was a long history between these two farseers, but a quite recent event made strengthened their friendship, respect and alliance. The Saim-Hann, at that time needed manpower to join the war of Arenxis. The Ilfirin had the support of multiple Exodite worlds, but not the skills and knowledge of the path of Khaine. The need was mutual, and an agreement was achieved.

The three figures walked in unison towards the viewing glass. The Saim-Hann has built a Haven Spire in the midst of many asteroid fields within the Glenmarie Sector. As they were looking out, observing the multiple dragonships and wraithships under construction, the harlequin suddenly hymned,

“Craftworlds and Corsairs must be united. Then, the five shall gather.
The Maugetar and The Master of Blades must be sought. Then, there will be seven.”

As the Saim-Hann farseer looked quizzically at the harlequin, the Ilfirin farseer spoke,

That’s…another reason I’m here, brother. We need your help to get in touch with Altansar again, we need Maugan-Ra.

The red farseer immediately replied, “It shall be done. You’ve probably figured out of Arhra’s whereabouts, am I not wrong?

His counterpart smiled again. Then, while putting on his ghosthelm, he answered,

That will be all, brother. And, as you’ve said earlier, I need my men back. Minaith will be here shortly.

The Ilfirin farseer and the harlequin stepped into the webway and disappeared.

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