Thursday, June 30, 2016

Revisiting the Past 2+ Years

Somebody once said, one should not dwell on the past.
With that in mind, I'll try to keep this short.
(Honestly, I also can't recall everything, only certain parts.)

end 2013
Only 3 participants completed the Legio Malaysia Army Throwdown II; myself (Tzeentch Warriors), Patrick (High Elves) and Stephane (Dark Elves). Patrick got the Purity Seal. (sorry, can't locate the pictures)

If I recalled this correctly, this is the year that the Wood Elves army book was finally updated after 10+ years. I painted this Treeman for Golden Kris 2014 and received the People's Choice Award (I'm probably remembering this because of the award).

picture courtesy of the Legio Malaysia Facebook page

Then, comes the End Times. It was fun times, just like the old glory days of WFB. Suddenly, the whole WFB universe (and game) was decimated and a simpleton version of it was introduced. I'd be lying if I were to say I'm not pissed about it. Simply said, my friends and I moved on to the X-wing miniatures game. We came, we saw, we conquered; that's pretty much that I can say about X-wing.

Earlier in the year, we also tried Infinity. The models are awesome, the rulebook is free, the gameplay is easy. What turned our gaming group off was (most likely) the advanced rules, it was too complicated for book keeping. Hence, my Santiago Military Order of Panoceania is now somewhere in the storage trays, along with my Wood Elves and Warriors of Chaos.

2014 was also the year that a few friends and I spent hours in the beta version of the 7 Days to Die game. Basically, it's a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game with Minecraft and Fallout elements added in. With the right crew, this is an awesome game, highly recommended. And with Arzmi in the crew, you can definitely say you're safe.

This is more recent, but surprisingly, I remember less than 2014. It's mostly X-wing and Armada. Those games got me so hyped for Star Wars Episode 7, and the movie turned out to be a letdown. Maybe I was expecting too much, but Kylo Ren should've kept his mask on until the 'Han moment', the storyline should be less of a 'copy & paste' and really, another Death Star?

But, 2015 will always be the year that Nahri left; he migrated to New Zealand for good. Wish him all the best.

I stopped playing WH40K in 2015. New codices, formations, rules and kits were released like a freight Shinkansen train every month (on some releases, every week). I was having difficulty to keep up with the various rules and at the same time, the price shot up through the roof due to currency collapse (thanks a lot 1MDB), which made me decide to put the game on hold. It has been a hiatus since, and I'm yet to be interested to play the game again. Like Infinity and WFB, my WH40K armies are in some storage trays somewhere in the house. Like Azlan said recently, my Eldar are lost in the Warp.

Hmm, I just recalled returning to Circle Orboros in mid 2015. Yes, Warmahordes, a game I last played (and sold off) in 2006/7 with Steven & Kai back in Jakarta. During my Orboros hype period, I painted these dudes. Shortly after that, the rut returned.

early 2016
Not much happened, it was mostly still X-wing and Armada for me. On the hobby front, it was an absolute zero for the first quarter. One day, Khairul suggested Gundam to us all. Shortly after that, it snowballed.

We went for weekly visits to the 'Golden Triangle of Gundam' in KL. We also explored various Gundam shops in the Klang Valley. Ivan, Yip and Arzmi now probably owns 10+ boxes (probably 20+) of unassembled Gundam kits. Ivan has also changed for the better and assembled his stuff instead of simply buying, with panel-lining applied. And, this was my entry for Litt Tak's Mid-Year Expo.

GAT X303 Aegis

Yes, I'm doing mecha modelling right now. I'm really enjoying it. Up next on my schedule are two big events, one at the end of August by the local Gundam community and the other in October/November by Bandai. Let's do this!

Side note: I may need to clean up my blog roll and sidebar.


  1. Oh wow! Treeman looks mighty impressive! ^_^

  2. That Treeman is impressive indeed! Gundam! Wow ... and I'm so non-mecha myself

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