Monday, February 4, 2013

Army Throwdown: Troops #1 (Very Late Update) and Troops #2

Sorry for the delayed update, got lost while traversing the mysterious webway. This post will be divided into two parts; Troops #1 Update and Troops #2.

Troops #1 Update

I have probably mentioned that I only have 10+5 Dire Avengers in my current disposal that in need of some refurbishing. The realisation of entering only the Troops choice and not the Dedicated Transport came too late. Since I have spent too much time on the Wave Serpent, I had to use the 25% breathing space as my first entry. These were my entry.

Wave Serpent #1 - Pics Courtesy of Marvin Kho
Dire Avengers #1 - Pics Courtesy of Marvin Kho

If the Dire Avengers above looked familiar, perhaps you might remember this one below. They're the same squad.

Anyway, congratulations to Khairul for winning the first Throwdown with his Imperial Fist; the yellow marines are top notch! The official recap can be found here, while more pictures can be found here, and here. Meanwhile, these were the pictures that I took.



Troops #2

The second Throwdown was held simultaneously with the start of 40K League Season 4. It has been two (or is it three?) years since we had the League, and so the excitement was really high. It was so high that I inadvertently left my camera on my bed at home. Fortunately, Shukur was around to snap those awesome pics of the Throwdown. You can check them out here, here, and here. Kudos to Goh for winning the second Throwdown, and I must say, the level of painting has raised another bar in a mere two weeks time.

My entry was another Dire Avengers squad, but this one has a slightly inverted colour scheme to the one I entered before. Here they are.

Dire Avengers #2 - Pics Courtesy of Shukur Kamal and Legio Malaysia
So, what am I up to for the next Throwdown: Elites? I have these below, and by logic, the Plan A should be the Harlequins (at least five). Plan B will be Fire Dragons, as many as I can churn out.


  1. Better late than never bro. Thanks for the kind words :)
    Your craftworld is gonna look great when it's all finished. Do you have a wraithlord in your list? A wraithlord in your craftworld scheme would look really nice.

  2. Great progress! Can't wait to see those Fire Dragons

  3. I have a wraithlord in my Throwdown list, and they're assembled halfway. The current plan is to paint it as a 'Fire Dragon Wraithlord' :)

    I've painted 1.5 Harlequins so far. If I can't get at least three done by Saturday, I'll move on to the Fire Dragons.

    Thanks guys!

  4. Some really nice close up shots here. Nice! Looking forward to seeing your wraithlord. They were always the coolset looking units in the Dawn of War games.

  5. Really looking forward to see this army done! Been awhile since we saw a new Eldar army. More xenos to cleanse!

    1. It's not exactly a new army, but not an old one either :D

      Cleanse? You can try, monkeigh.

  6. IMO, Dire Avengers #2 looks beter than #1. Why two seperate scheme bro?
    Those Catachans must be Spunky's. Looks nice.