Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stuka Update and The Casual Gamer

As promised, here's the final picture of my Stuka before flying off to bomb France tomorrow. The paintjob is far from the best, but I think it's decent enough. The bright greens were toned down, and the panels are now more visualised.

I am really looking forward for a picture of the whole German force. Hope everyone can make it tomorrow.

The Casual Gamer

Recently, there was a...discussion...regarding what constitutes a casual gamer. These are only a few from the long list of definitions that were brought up:
  • One who builds and plays his army by the fluff.
  • One who builds and plays with unconventional army entries.
  • One who plays in large scale games.
  • One who plays with house/home-brewed/unofficial rules with opponent's consent.
  • One who does not complain about the official rules.
  • One who thinks outside the box to exploit the rules in the codex/armybook in a certain manner that encourages the community to be similarly creative.
  • One who is not a rules lawyer.
  • One who doesn't play in tournaments nor being a tournament-centric person.
  • One who simply wants to have a game.
Whatever the definition might be, I am not going to argue as I perceive all of the above to be correct, even though some may seem a bit off. As long as one is consistent and not contradictory with the definition that he preaches, it is fine by me. On a personal note, my definition of a casual gamer is: One who approaches the game in a casual manner. For all I care, you can bring the most broken army list or even TA-ed me in the game, but if your attitude is right, there shall never be any problems.

That's all I have to say. Sorry if it turned out to be a mini-rant, it's just something that I need to let out off my chest. But, do spare a little time to think about what I've just said.


  1. Iqbal my man...
    u missed out the casual gamer type of:
    One who only enjoy painting models but play the game just to blend in the hobby scene =p

    But well, I would say that, life itself is fucked up and stressful enuff(bills to pay, midlife crisis, "adult" responsibility, jobs, family, etc etc), since this is a *hobby*, we should always take it in a more laid back attitude/mentality, win or lose is not really important provided you meet/hang out with some like minded fellow who share the passion of playing/painting plastic toy soldiers =)


    1. I couldn't list all of the definitions down, too many.

      Don't worry dude, people like us know where we stand. Some don't, hence the post.

  2. Looks fantastic dude! Great job on the repair

  3. Nice job on the Stuka bro! Now it looks more detailed. Looks good :)

    Casual gamer...what's up with that bro? Did i miss something?

  4. Thanks for the complements. I'm glad that you guys like it :)

  5. The stuka really looks so much better. I already thought that the original paint job was cool but you have made it even better after Khairul and Deathkorps's comments. Shows you what I know.

    Can a casual gamer be one that borrows an army to play (I am looking at you limp ... heh heh) while painting his own up, preferably before the 7th Edition comes out? =) I think I am gonna be the first type in your list. My chaos army would have all manner of 'famous' HQs sitting on humongous Heavy Supports with minimal soldiers to back them up.

    1. (pull out my Abacus)
      (sound effect)

      You can "borrow" my super-casual Khaos Spase Mahrine for a low cost of RM0.10 per point per hour (any broken infantry model consider sold at RM1 per point, broken vehicle would be RM1.5 per point... wait, I might rugi on Rhino..LOL)

      boy, this sounds like a good business.