Saturday, February 11, 2012

Golden Kris 2012 WIP Sneak Peek Part 1

A WIP sneak peek on my entry for Golden Kris 2012, coming soon in June. Just as the cropped pictures below, the model itself is currently still on three separate parts (four, if you count the base too). Hope I can get a good progress over the weekend. Hmm..once it's fully converted/assembled/sculpted, I may need to bring the airbrush home, probably by mid March. Sorry Alvin, I think you better paint whatever you have as soon as possible. I'm not going to paint this guy in public, if I want to win something this year, gotta keep the "WOW" factor as a secret (right?).

Can anybody guess what it might be? ;p
Don't worry, you'll figure out within this four months time.


  1. Daemon Prince torso.
    Hand and Sword from a Grey Knight Dreadknight on a Daemon Prince arm.
    Looks like daemon prince wings in the background of the arm.
    Looks like a Tyranid Warrior tail.

    Based on the evidence, I'd say you're making a Daemon Prince. Dare I suggest that, with the Dreadknight sword, it might be a Daemon prince of Tzeentch?

    Am I hot, warm, 50/50, cold or freezing?

  2. i reckon its going to be a demon prince also. proabably slaanesh?
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  3. =____,= I guess I know what it is, and I'm lookin forward to it!

    Just curious Iqbal, what did you use for the base? I'm interested to take part in Doc's army on parade competition but a bit clueless on how to make terrain, more specifically, what material can be use to make terrain~_~ If I green stuff the whole board, I will be flat broke, LOL

  4. @Thorson & Marsekay: Both of you are on the right path, it's Daemonic and Slaaneshi. But, not exactly a "Prince" :)

    @me: I used epoxy putty for this model's base (got the info from Jeff at As for Doc's parade competition, if I may suggest, get a cheap wooden picture frame as the base to make your display board.

    1. good suggestion on the wooden picture frame... I think I'm going for either the theme of : chaos folks emerge from a warp altar (like the HQ base in DOW game) or the ascension of a daemon prince (while should involve ladder =__,=) wish me luck man!

  5. Is it a Slaanesh Demon Princess who looks so hot that space marines die with a smile on their face? Nice teaser pics by the way.

    1. nah, it's much simpler than that. all will be revealed in good time ;)

  6. My guess is the EC Primarch.. Fulgrim or something
    Realy interesting.. I didn't participate in the last Golden Kriss. Hmm.. maybe this time I should send one.

  7. Looks cool bro :)
    Cant wait to see more progress