Sunday, September 18, 2011

The α-20 Jetfighter

Quoted from The Aquila:
"The Aquila has been flooded with reports regarding the sightings of an unknown flyer fleet patrolling the skies of Ghemehaal. Based on reports received, this flyer is called the α-20 Jetfighter. We are still looking for more information but one thing is for sure, they are on Ghemehaal's side. As we all agree, pictures will tell more than a thousand words. Here are various pictures of the said aircraft, courtesy of the ever-enthusiastic kind citizens of Ghemehaal and the city's surveillance footage."


  1. Great take on the aircraft- nice work! Is it the angle of the picture, or are your plasma cannons not parallel to each other? They seem to be splayed outwards

  2. Yup, that's the one thing that I myself don't feel satisfied. I've tried putting them under the wings, but it may spark rules debate later as I may gain extra 1-2 inch due to the weapon reposition.

  3. Nice conversion. The wings does give it a sleek jetfighter look.

    How r u gonna model those gk missiles?

  4. missiles?..hehe..try & look again at the pictures dude, they're at the location where the side lights used to be (main body, to either side of the front ramp)..