Monday, February 9, 2009

Some more Fast Attack options.

This TIE-phoon module Land Speeder was initially used only for combat patrol (400-500 pts) games only. But since 5th ed upgraded its weapon options, lately I've been using it a bit more frequent.

This is actually the first assault squad that I had completed two years ago, used to play them as veteran assault marines due to the "Blessed be the Warriors" trait. You may notice that they aren't highlighted. Fluffwise, the Raven Guard are stealthy marines that strike from the shadows. Taking that fact into consideration, thus the dull stealthy power-armours ala the B52 stealth bomber. Subsequently, the creation of Hoth's Raiders that I posted previously.

Up to this moment, you're only seeing Fast Attack options (and 1 dreadnought) for my army. You've probably been wondering what I'm actually using as HQ and Troops, the two vital slots for a Warhammer 40K game. Trust me, they'll make an appearance soon. It's just a matter of time on when will they decide to emerge from the shadows ;)

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